Shringara of Shrinathji

This one-of-a-kind collector’s edition book is a majestic visual anthology of Shri Gokal Lal Mehta’s family collection of miniature Nathdwara paintings. Authored by Amit Ambalal and conceptualised by Vikram Goyal, the book catalogues the many beautiful and imaginative adornments, or Shringaras, of Lord Shrinathji. Never before has the historical oeuvre from the centuries-old Pushtimarg tradition been published in such scope, quality, and detail. 

Inside you will find 60 miniature paintings capturing the different beautiful and imaginative adornments of Lord Shrinathji. For each of these paintings, Ambalal meticulously details the different aspects of the shringaras, including the season and day, the shringari, the head dress, ornaments, dress, and the pichhvai backdrop. For the first time, these astonishing and intricate masterpieces can be appreciated in blazing colour, making it a delight for Shrinathji devotees, and collectors of art. 

“For us, these paintings are more than just pieces of art: they are a bridge that connects us to each other and our ancestors and to our devout faith in Shrinathji.”

- Vanmala Mehta (Daughter of Shri Gokul Lal Mehta)

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Collector's Edition Box Set

This special boxed edition makes a valued acquisition for devotees and collectors alike

• 192 pages, 82 illustrations; 11 x 14” (279 x 355 mm) in a limited collector’s edition box set (11.8 x 14.7”)

• Sixty exquisite miniature paintings from the private collection of the late Gokal Lal Mehta

• Scholarly essay by Amit Ambalal, acclaimed artist and pre-eminent authority on Nathdwara painting

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  • Amit Ambalal

    Amit Ambalal is an eminent contemporary Indian artist whose work forms part of prestigious collections in India and abroad, including the British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum, London. He has also authored the landmark volume Krishna as Shrinathji: Rajasthani Paintings from Nathdvara (Mapin, 1987) on the subject of Pushtimarg and Nathdwara paintings and recently written the Foreword to In the Service of Krishna (Mapin, 2019). 

  • Vikram Goyal

    Vikram Goyal, the founder of Viya Home, is one of India’s leading product designers, committed to the preservation of indigenous practices and the country’s cultural heritage. Recipient of multiple design awards, he is also co-founder of Kama Ayurveda, a wellness brand dedicated to promoting the unique benefits of Ayurveda. Goyal is the eldest grandchild of late Gokal Lal Mehta, whose collection is featured in this book.